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Breeding info./contracts
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Valhallascats Bengals
Breeding info./contracts
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Valhalla Equestrian Center

These are the breeding requirements and restrictions. For a contract, please email me and I will send one to you. Thank you for your interest.

Breeding requirements:

Negative culture within 10 days of mares arrival
Mare must be halter broke and able to tie
Hind shoes pulled
Mare must be current on all shots: 6way, rhino, strangles and must be vet certified healthy. Current Coggins is also required 
Copy of mares medical records must accompany contract.
Breeding fee includes $100 nonrefundable booking fee, and first nomination into Nor-Cal futurities.
If shipped semen, first shipment is free, all shipments afterward are $150, plus a refundable equitainer deposit of $50.
Equitainers must be returned within 4 working days of recieve date.