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Valhalla Equestrian Center is a small breeding and training facility dedicated to quality, loving companions. From the backyard enthusiast to the world contender, we have it all covered. We provide training in all disciplines and at all levels. Our horses are a culmination of some of the finest breeding available. Quarter and Paint horses carry Zippo Pine Bar, Zips Chocolate Chip, Hotrodders Jet Set, Untouchable Zipper, Just Zippen Around (APHA world ch.), and some great cutters and old foundation blood going back to King. Our Arabians are all purebred, even the Pintos. Their blood includes the greats Ansata Ibn Halima and Huckleberry Bey. Raffon, Mirage, Naborr, Druzba, Bask, El Hadiyyah, Ansata Ibn Sudan, Ansata Jellabia, and Fakher El Din are also in our horses pedigrees. We specialize in Quarter Horses, Paints, Arabians and Pintos. Currently we are standing our Arabian stallion, El Katib, a Huckleberry Bey and Ansata Ibn Halima grandson. He is gorgeous and has a great disposition. To see Katib or our available horses, click the links to the left. Thank you for visiting Valhalla Equestrian Center!

El Katib

2001 colt by El Katib
Omly 2 weeks old!