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Amon Ra

Ra in a rare still moment! (almost!)

Tailwinds Amon Ra of Valhallascats

Whatta cutie!
He's even got a rosette on his tummy!

WOW! That's what I thought when I first saw this little boy. He is beautifully tri-colored, has an excellent horizontal flow to his pattern, beautiful profile, puffy whisker pads, whited tummy loaded with spots and the softest pelt. On top of all this he is dripping with glitter and has rosettes on his butt and little rosettes on each of his paws. He is named after the egyptian sun god, Amon Ra. He earned this name because he just shimmers like gold in the sun (and he thinks he's a god) He is a real sweetheart and fireball too. Well, he's a Bengal, need I say more? He will be shown in 2003 and 2004. When he is done collecting titles, he will be breeding my queens. We expect some beautiful babies out of this little guy!

Yeah, what?
I'll pounce ya!

Click here to see his pedigree.