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Our Queens

Nevanscats Sarai of Valhallascats

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Sarai is an exquisitely marked tri color, glittered brown marble tabby. Photos don't do her justice! She is very friendly and outgoing with extreme wild Bengal type. Her kittens are GORGEOUS! Truly an outstanding producer of correct Bengal type.

Wildcatmagic Aurora of Valhallascats
Aurora is a vibrant charcoal with large, well defined 2 tone spots. She produces beautiful rosettes and passes on her wild type. She has a very wild type and head with huge nocturnal eyes and small, well placed ears. She is a great asset to our program.

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Cazpurr Eskimo Pie of Valhallascats

Eska is a gorgeous seal lynx point marble with a very nice open pattern. We expect great things from this girl. She brings some awesome lineage to our program. She is a correct and very sweet girl. She passes on her great horizontal flow, sweet temper, and huge nocturnal eyes to her babies. Thanks to Ginny of Tailwinds for the opportunity to own this fine girl.

Valhallascats Akasha

Akasha is by Ra and out of Aurora. She is a beautiful charcoal with large pawprint rosettes. She got her daddies soft pelt and glitter along with mom's small ears, thick tail, nocturnal eyes and wild movement. We expect some very nice kittens out of her.

Tailwinds Phoenix Rising of Valhallascats

Phoenix is a great brown spotted kitten. She is by CH Tailwinds Ticket to Ride and out of Eska. Her 2 toned spots, huge nocturnal eyes, roman profile and strong muzzle with puffy whisker pads give her a very wild appearance. There is not a bar on her, even her back is all broken up. She hais a whited tummy as well. She will join her brother on the show circuit when she is old enough.

Robamare Cat Jasper x Arks Isra Golden Moonsheen



Cazpurr Eskimo Pie

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Valhallascats Akasha
Tailwinds Amon Ra x Wildcatmagic Aurora