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About Bengals

Bengals are a beautiful, exotic looking hybrid cat. They are a cross between the Asian Leopard cat and a domestic cat. Bengals come in many colors, the traditional brown, snow (seal lynx, sepia and mink), silver, blue, black and chocolate. Only Brown and snow are eligible for show. Patterns are traditional spotted and also marbled. Bengals retain many of the wild traits of their ancestors, including their movement and vocalization. They have much stronger haunches than a domestic, and can jump very high. They love to play with toys and water, even as adults, and must be kept occupied or they can get into trouble. To be eligible for show, the cat must be 4 generations removed from the wild, or SBT. Foundation cats F1 to F3 are not eligible for show, but they are gorgeous cats, and have many more pronounced wild traits. SBT's are best for first time Bengal owners or those that want a gorgeous pet. (They're handful enough);) Valhallascats currently breeds brown and snow spotted and marbled SBT's. We will be expanding soon to include silvers, foundation cats, and Savannahs. For more detailed information on the Bengal breed or to find out if a Bengal may be right for you, email me and I will be happy to talk Bengal with you!

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